Top 5 parameters to choose websites for quality link building in 2023

As we know, high-quality link building is very important, but the process of selecting websites for that is very time-consuming. And it is a most challenging SEO task. And we need to evaluate so many parameters for choosing reliable websites. There are so many quality link-building services or companies selling high-quality backlinks with a guarantee, but sometimes those kinds of links harm your websites.


Link building on websites is a very important part of SEO. And it is essential and valuable to increase your search engine ranking. Your site requires high-quality content in order to rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs). 

Building excellent inbound links can be difficult, and if done improperly, it could harm your website or cause your rating to remain static rather than rise. 

However, with the proper link-building strategies, your website can benefit from increased traffic, increased authority, and better rankings on Google and other search engines. We are sharing the most essential five parameters which help you. 

What is high quality link building?

It is the process of putting links from your website to other websites. It’s also called backlinks‘ or ‘Inbound links.’ The Benefit of backlinks is to redirect traffic to your site from other sites. It helps to improve the traffic and increase authority of your website.

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Types of backlinks : 

  • Do follow – It allows google to point back to your website. Provide value for both sites.
  • Nofollow – It doesn’t allow Google to point back to you. It’s just to improve the link status of sites. ( For these, you need to add rel=” dofollow” or rel=” nofollow” in the attribute of your links.)

Five parameters to choosing websites for quality link building.

  1. Website ratings and trust ratio.
  2. Domain authority and strength.
  3. Linked/Referring Domains.
  4. Relevance of topic.
  5. The volume of website traffic.

#1. Ratings and trust ratio:

Source :willcoombe

The value of a website is a very important point to know because if the website itself has a great link, you also get benefits from getting a link from them. We need the ratio of the trust and the citation flow of a website to be at least 0.50 (half). 

We can check this metric/parameter in the majestic SEO tool. MajesticSEO is a tool that gives ratings based on the quality of the site.

#2. Domain authority and strength:

Source :stanventures

Almost all websites have a specific domain authority (DA). Before we build a backlink from somewhere, we need to observe the domain authority of that particular site. It is a very important step before building the link.

We can see the domain authority (DA) of the site on the MOZ tool (just logging in to and looking up the website’s address.)

 The more DA a website has, the more reliable (trustworthy) it is.

We need a minimum DA of 20 for quality link building. It may be different for everyone because it is a personal preference. 

If you don’t want to observe DA (domain authority) as a parameter, you can use something similar to DR (Domain Ratings) on the Ahrefs tool. The values between DA and DR are different sometimes, so it’s your own choice of which tool you use. 

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#3. Referring/Linked Domain:


Source :loopify

Almost every good website has some linked and referring domains. A linked domain is the domain where your backlinks are placed, and on the other hand, a referring domain is a domain that gives your high quality backlinks to them. We need this ratio of 1:1 if possible.

For example, if a site has 2000 linked domains and 1000 referring domains, it gives out more links to other websites and earns fewer links from them. 

Referring domain > linked domain means this website earned more backlinks than it gave out, and those are the best websites for link building. We need to procrastinate sites with a bad ratio of linked domains and referring domains.

You can check the number of linked domains and referring domains in the Ahrefs tool. (Sign in to Ahref and look for backlink profiles.)

#4. Relevance of the topic: 

Normally, we try to build links to websites with similar content. It is important because when Google interprets these links and comes to your website, you need to see that they are significant and relevant, and, in general, meaningful.

Getting a link from unrelated websites is not bad, but it is better to stick to sites that matter to your industry. And also, getting backlinks from a site with a huge DA(Domain Authority) is always great, but it’s not put to better use if the niche is different. 

#5. The volume of website traffic:


Source :travelpayouts

The traffic volume of a particular website is also important for building high-quality links. A website with good DA but no traffic is a bad sign, and you need to avoid it.

You can check the traffic volume of any website on the Ahref tool. Any type of tool is not 100% accurate, but you will get a brief idea from it. Most of the time, the record shown by the tools is very small compared to the actual traffic. 

Normally, we should avoid getting a link from any site that receives fewer than 1500 visits per month. And you need to find sites that have an equal ratio of getting traffic from the home page as well as other web pages.

You can check traffic-related information in Ahref by searching for the ‘top pages’ report.

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List of bad signs (You definitely need to avoid sites with these signs) :

  • The SEO expert sells you links from a number of sites.
  • Avoid freelancers from platforms like freelancer (no offense), which offer link packages for some x amount of money. (you can’t expect high-quality links at $50 or some low prices)
  • Avoid content farms that write multiple topics on one site just for link building.
  • Avoid articles with a large number of backlinks or internal links.
  • Avoid or be careful with some quality link building services.

Conclusion :

So evidently, choosing a website for building high quality links is not an easy and simple task, but it will need lots of time and knowledge. And it is impossible to measure the quality of websites by some parameters. If you are using the above parameters, you can ensure all your links are high quality, and it will make a good impact on search engine optimization (SEO) performance, isn’t it?

Mayur Bhatasana

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