Link Building for SaaS Sites: How Important Is It? [2023 Guide]

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Building a strong foundation is the first step toward unlocking the potential of your SaaS website. In the broad world of the internet, link building has emerged as a fundamental component of success; however, the question remains: how significant is it? It’s not hard to develop links for SaaS, and it’s one of the simplest places to build links because there are so many different techniques and approaches you can use to build up your link profile quickly. 

As we dig deeper into the field of Link building for SaaS sites, you should get ready for an experience full of clicks and connections. Get ready to learn how to get rising rankings, higher organic traffic, and greater brand authority. 

What is link building?

Link building is the process of getting hyperlinks from other websites to your own. These inbound links are also referred to as backlinks and serve as a means of transport between different sites on the web. 

The process of link building is an integral component of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. 

Search engines use backlinks to indicate the quality and relevance of a website’s content. Your SaaS site’s search engine rankings will increase if it receives links from other, more authoritative sites in your industry. 

Aside from increasing your SaaS site’s exposure and organic traffic, link building service also positions your site as an authoritative source in your field.

Link Building for SaaS Sites: Backlink types


There are two kinds of backlinks that might drive people to your site based on the tags they use. Keep in mind, though, that the difference is just in the code. Thus these links will look identical to the reader.

  1. Dofollow Backlinks

HTML links that allow search engine crawlers to follow them send “link juice” from the linking page to the connected page. These backlinks boost SEO ranks and organic visibility. Dofollow links from high-authority, relevant websites can boost your SaaS site’s authority and search ranks.

  1. Nofollow backlinks

The rel=”nofollow” element in the HTML code tells search engine crawlers to ignore the Link. These backlinks were designed to counteract spam and search engine ranking manipulation. 

Nofollow backlinks aren’t SEO-friendly, yet they can benefit your SaaS site. They can boost website authority and trustworthiness by increasing referral traffic, brand awareness, and backlink diversity.

The Effect of Link Building 

  • High impact: 67.5%
  • Moderate impact: 30% 
  • Negligible Impact: 2.5% 

67.5% of the study stated that backlinks have a significant effect on SERP placement, while 30% of backlinks have a modest impact. Only 2.5% of links barely affect search engine results.

Importance of Link building for SaaS sites


Building links to SaaS websites offers a variety of benefits that help the success of those websites overall. So let’s take a look into the importance of SaaS link building.

#1. Improved SEO

Your SaaS site might rank higher in search engines with authoritative backlinks. These backlinks indicate trust and relevancy, increasing search engine exposure.

#2. Organic traffic

The more prominent your SaaS site becomes in search engine results, the more visitors you’ll get looking for precisely what you provide. First-page search results attract targeted visitors.

#3. Brand Authority

Credible websites linking to your SaaS site boost your brand’s authority. Backlinks from industry influencers or well-known publications demonstrate your skills and can influence how your target audience views your business.

#4. Reach and exposure

Linking opens new markets and audiences. When relevant websites mention or link to your SaaS site, it exposes your brand to its user base, potentially earning referral traffic and consumers.

#5. Partnerships and Networking

Local Link building frequently requires networking with other companies and influencers. These partnerships, guest posts, and collaborations may help your SaaS site expand.

#6. Long-term investment

Quality backlinks boost SaaS site exposure and authority. Link building ensures long-term growth, unlike other short-term marketing strategies.

#7. Increased Conversions

Quality backlinks provide targeted visits to your SaaS site. Conversion rates and ROI improve with these visitors.

#8. Referral traffic

Reputable backlinks can send referral traffic to your SaaS site. These links pre-qualify users who are likely to convert.

#9. Competitive edge

White Hat Link building differentiates your SaaS site. You obtain an advantage over rivals with weak backlink profiles by collecting backlinks from authority sites in your field.

#10. Faster Indexing/Crawling

Backlinks help search engines find and index your SaaS site’s pages. Search engines crawl and index your site more often when it’s linked to it, making your content appear in search results faster.

#11. Brand Awareness

Backlinks boost your SaaS site’s internet exposure. Brand memory and image enhance when people see your brand on many websites.

#12. Social Proof

Social proof comes from high-profile backlinks to your SaaS site. These links make your brand seem trustworthy, encouraging users to engage with your content and become consumers.

#13. Improved Content Distribution

Link building frequently entails guest blogging or donating material. This lets you show your skills, reach more people, and spread your material across platforms to increase its reach and effect.

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Choose the right link-building strategy.

Because outcomes require time and work, it’s necessary to have an ultimate goal. You may experiment with different strategies and learn what works best as you go along. Let’s check a couple of them to see where your SaaS business is in terms of link building.

Here are five link-building strategies you may implement today.

  • Set up a link from the brand name
  • Create roundups
  • Make free tools
  • Use broken links
  • Make use of guest posting

Link Building Outreach

Connecting with other website owners, bloggers, influencers, and industry experts is an important part of link-building outreach. Here’s a general outline of how link-building outreach can be conducted.

Target Websites

You should do some searching to find authoritative websites that suit your SaaS specialization and audience.

Customize Your Outreach

Make sure to use the website owner’s or influencer’s name in your outreach emails. Give examples of how their content is valuable or how it relates to your own SaaS offering.

Offer Value

Make it easy for website owners to see why they should include a link to your SaaS website on their page. This may be in the form of something helpful to their readers, such as a guest post, an infographic, or a research 


Be Professional

Keep your messages clear, professional, and respectful. Don’t send bland or irrelevant communications. Make it clear that you’re interested in what they’re doing and that working together might benefit both of you.


If you don’t hear back from someone after a fair amount of time, it’s OK to follow up with a polite note. It’s possible that website owners didn’t see or respond to your initial outreach.

Connect with Others

Be patient in your outreach efforts to create links. For continued collaboration and new prospects, developing genuine relationships with website owners and industry influencers is important.

Progress Monitoring

Document your outreach activities and the replies you get. You may track your outreach efforts and the success of your link-building efforts using tools like spreadsheets.

Always keep in mind that gaining quality inbound links takes time and demands a dedicated effort to the websites you’re trying to reach. Following the right processes and rules established by website owners while guest blogging or cooperating is crucial.

Link-building outreach rules

Research and target relevant websitesMass email or blast requests to numerous unrelated websites
Personalize your outreach messagesSend generic or spammy messages
Offer value and explain the benefits of collaborationFocus solely on what you can gain without providing value
Respect website owners’ guidelines and preferencesDisregard or violate website owners’ guidelines
Follow up politely and professionallyBecome pushy or aggressive in your follow-ups
Build genuine relationships for long-term collaborationTreat outreach as a one-time transaction
Track your outreach and solutionsNeglect to monitor or evaluate the effectiveness of your outreach

Which types of links do you need?

When creating links for your SaaS site, work for a variety of high-quality connections that add value and support your SEO strategy. You’ll want to have these different kinds of links:

  • Editorial Links
  • Guest Post Links
  • Resource Pages
  • Influencer or Expert Mentions
  • Social Media Links
  • Niche Directory Links
  • Broken Link Building

The primary focus should be gathering high-quality links from websites considered authoritative within your business. It is essential to prioritize links that not only give value but also bring traffic that is targeted to your website and is in line with your overall SEO and content marketing strategies.

Does your SaaS website require backlinks?

Without a doubt, you need Link building for SaaS sites if you want your tool to be successful. If you don’t have any high-quality backlinks, your site won’t be where you want it to be in front of your target audience.

Check out our link-building services at Jeenam Infotech if you need additional guidance collecting high-quality, rank-boosting backlinks. Working together with you, our skilled link-building team will design a unique strategy to achieve your goals. This will increase the visibility of your SaaS product by Link building for SaaS sites.

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