7 Effective Lead generation strategies for 2023

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Whether you are a start-up or an established company, one thing that always keeps you on your toes is generating leads, isn’t it!!

Lead generation is a never-ending process. No matter how established and known you are among people,  you always strive for new customers, right?

You always want to keep on expanding your horizons. The lead generation process has evolved a lot with time.

Earlier businesses were solely dependent upon traditional marketing like TV, newspapers, pamphlets, billboards, and so on.  But now time has changed.

Now your audiences have found many other media to spend their time and that’s why you also have to be there in order to grab their attention.

And as you also might be aware, it is known as digital marketing.

Though it’s a great way to generate leads, the trends on it just keep on changing. What was working in the year 2022 might not work in 2023.

And that’s why we are going to share the latest strategy for lead generation.

First of all, let’s understand what lead generation exactly is.

What is lead generation?

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Lead generation is a step-by-step process of acquiring new customers. It lets you reach your potential customers early in their buying journey, build relationships with them, gain their trust, and be by their side until they make a purchase decision.

There are two types of lead generation techniques.

Inbound lead generation and outbound lead generation

Inbound lead generation: 

In this lead generation technique, the leads approach you, without you reaching out to them through content marketing.

Outbound lead generation: 

In this lead generation technique you reach out to leads either through email or phone calls, or social media, messages.

In order to keep your lead pipeline full of leads, you need to do both kinds of lead generation.

Now let’s see the types of leads you generate with a combination of these two processes.

There are three types of leads, namely

  • Cold lead
  • Warm lead
  • Hot lead
  • Cold lead: These are the people who are not looking to invest in your service/product.
  • Warm leads: These are the people who have higher chances of becoming your customer, and they require nurture from you
  • Hot leads: Those are the leads who need little push to make the final buying decision.

Now let’s see what a typical lead generation process looks like

  1. Define and plan lead generation goals
  2. Do market research and identify the gap
  3. Craft your message by keeping brand guidelines in mind
  4. Promote lead magnet at the top of the funnel with Tofu marketing strategy
  5. Write and design compelling and persuasive landing pages to collect the email ids
  6. Send emails or do phone calls to potential leads
  7. Score leads and add them to nurture sequence based on the score
  8. Analyze the process and make report for future reference

These steps are common irrespective of the lead generation technique you are following.

Now let’s see different lead generation strategies

7 Lead generation strategies for 2023 :

As mentioned in the introduction part of this blog, we are going to discuss all the latest lead generation techniques used in 2023. No matter how much people question some of the techniques, they are still effective lead-generation techniques.

Let’s see what are they

  1. SEO blogs

Do people still read the blog posts? If you too think like this in your head, then you are also wrong as many. 

As per the research, branded blog content is 22 times more effective than any display ads, and consumers spend 36 seconds more compared to the 1.6 seconds they spend on ads.

Blogs are the best way to not only reach out to your customers but also showcase your expertise. They are a great way to gain the trust of your audience. 

And when you write SEO-optimized value-driven blogs, google will rank it and you can reach out to your target audience.

But along with information all your blogs should have strong CTAs, this can be anything like trying your free SaaS tool or downloading the checklist just to get their contact information.

  1. Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the great ways of generating leads. 


Firstly, because it’s cost effective, for every $1 spent you can earn $44 ROI. 

And secondly, only serious people will subscribe to your email lists.

You can collect the email list through blogs, social media ads, or collaborating with other creators. And then you can use these emails to nurture them until they convert.

Email marketing lets you check all the metrics from open rate to CTR to its deliverability.

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Moreover, through segmentation and personalization, it’s quite easy to gain trust and build meaningful relationships with your prospects.

But email marketing works best when you take care of certain things like

  • Use good email marketing tools,
  • Send personalized messages
  • Write short, crisp, and compelling subject lines
  • Write strong CTAs
  • Don’t write very long emails, a maximum of 200-250 words
  • Conduct A/B test

And so on

  1. Use webinars

What’s more amazing than having one-on-one conversations with your prospects? And webinars let you do that. 

In a webinar, you show a live demo of your product or service. Your audience gets a chance to meet you live, and you can gain more trust and build more meaningful relationships with them. 

It’s a great way to showcase the features of your product or service and its benefits.

  1. Contact database providers

Contacting B2B database providers is an easy and effective method of lead generation. It reduces your research time to greater extent and avails you the contact information of your prospects on your fingertips

But as so many database providers are there, you need to be very much cautious about choosing the right one. Because choosing the wrong data provider will do more harm than good.

So when you choose the data providers you should check whether the data they provide is

  • Accurate,
  • Real-time updated
  • Compliant with security standards.

When it comes to these attributes Ampliz is the best database provider. Ampliz provides you 85% accurate, real-time updated, complaint and targeted dataset of your prospects.

Ampliz collects data from 100+ credible sources and gets them validated by 800+ research experts.

With combined efforts of AI and humans, Ampliz refreshes its data at regular intervals.

This makes the data high-quality and helps you get higher conversion rates.

  1. Active on social media

As per the research 4.6 billion people are using social media worldwide. It’s a great platform to reach out to your audience and generate leads.

Creating content, engaging with other creators, and collaborating with other creators help you to increase your followers and your reach.

On social media, you can use various hashtags to increase the reach of your posts. Many B2C and D2C businesses are solely dependent upon social media marketing and generating huge profits.

The one thing that you must take care of in social media marketing is that you need to be consistent and follow certain guidelines of the algorithm.

  1. Do Influencer marketing

If you are active on social media or not, this one technique is a great way of lead generation. 

On every social media, there are plenty of social media influencers be it Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter. And as these people have a very large following they are the best resource for taking your product into the market in front of a large number of people.

These are the people with not only a large number of followers but their followers genuinely trust them. 

You just have to give them your product for free and, in return, they will do marketing of your product.

And so when they come up with some product recommendation, their followers buy from you.

  1. Create a community

Creating your own community is another great way of generating leads. You must have thousands of followers on various social media platforms like Bereal. But they are the audience of that particular medium. And what if one day your account gets hacked, or the particular social media platform is just banned??

You will lose all your audience. And that’s why it’s important to form your own community on either WhatsApp telegram or any other messaging platform. Though very few will join your community initially due to the fear of sharing phone numbers, but those who will join will be the serious ones. 

Conclusion :

Lead generation is the heart and soul of any business, without which your business may stop growing.

All these techniques, mentioned above, are effective ways to generate leads. But it’s not only about the techniques, it’s about how consistent you are.

Just pick 2-3 techniques from the list and stick to them. Put effort consistently. Then only it will fetch you desired results.

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