Which SEO Strategy Is Best for Your Business: Guest Posts or Link Inserts?

Link insert is one of the most effective SEO strategies for achieving high positions in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Some of the most valuable and efficient link-building strategies available today are guest posting and Link Insert (niche edits)

There is a growing discussion about whether guest posts or niche edits are better for SEO. Read this post to find out which is best for increasing traffic and popularity to your site. There will be no more ambiguity about guest posts or Link Insert.

 Guest posts vs link-building


What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting, also known as guest blogging, is writing your post on another person’s website to create a relationship, visibility, authority, and, most crucially, backlinks to rank your site #1 on search engines.

It’s easy to understand, but it requires a good amount of effort. It would be best to start by looking for high-quality blogs or websites (with plenty of visitors) in your niche that accepts guest posts. Once you find the proper ones, you propose to write an article for their site.

After gaining their approval, you publish a blog post that matches the hosting blog’s criteria. Guest posting lets you use your keyword in the title and body.

Guest articles boost SEO because readers trust multi-author blogs.

How do I identify sites that accept guest posts?

Find your industry-related blogs and web pages. They post on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Create a list of top guest blogging websites to get a link. Look for authoritative websites with relevant information to ensure that the links you build will benefit your intended page.

A research tool can identify guest posts that connect to your competitors contextually. You can then utilize typical outreach methods to contact site owners about guest posting.

Guest Post Benefits

Guest posting lets you put your keyword in the title and body. Guest posts allow backlinks on highly relevant articles and sites.


  • Additional content for an important article.
  • Increasing traffic.
  • Diversify your readership.
  • SEO gains.
  • Guest posting builds authority.

Guest postings are ideal for SEO companies and website owners because high-authority websites prioritize clients and delegate editing to their editorial staff.


  • Guest blogging may yield short-term effects like links to pre-existing articles.
  • Publishing the same post or item on multiple websites only sometimes brings in visitors immediately.
  • You may also need to allocate resources, such as time and money, to produce high-quality content for yourself.

What is Link Insert (Niche Edit)?

Instead of writing a new blog post, niche edits insert links in existing articles.

Unlike blogs, which need to start from scratch, these changes contain relevant links to already indexed articles. Use a post that’s relevant to your keyword.

Websites with more significant traffic attract more visitors. It’s cheaper and more straightforward than guest pages. DIY saves money. It gives better ROI. Its faster ranking and rapid results are making it more popular. Niche edits are topical outreach links.

How do I get the link for Niche Edit (Link Insert)?

Go out to highly relevant website owners and request high-quality backlinks in existing blog articles to get specialized edit links.

You can compensate the website host for a backlink or trade a link insertion service. White hats get niche edits by constructing broken links.

In the same way that an SEO firm would have a reliable outreach network set up for niche adjustments, link-building experts already have this in place. They make sure websites are well-positioned and have enough links. Just choose a niche and get links.


  • No blog post is needed.
  • Website owners prefer niche changes over guest posts.
  • Accelerates link juice and ranks.
  • Relevant niche-specific content.
  • White has old article links.
  • Niche editing is cheaper, faster, and more profitable.


  • Google has criticized specialty edits for letting SEO hackers publish material on unapproved websites.
  • Integrate your links into keyword-relevant content.
  • Link Insert allows website owners to request backlinks without being penalized by Google.
  • Guest blogging may not yield immediate effects like links to pre-existing articles.

Guest posts or niche edits?

It’s up to you. Marketing goals should guide your choice. Compare the following differences to understand how the two choices work:

Guest PostNiche Edit (Link Insert)
Lets you put your focus words right into the heading of the article.The title of the article is out of your hands.
Your links are in a new article.Your links will be included in a pre-existing, high-traffic article.
If your article is useful, it may attract visitors.Your links are put into previously indexed sites or articles so that you get more traffic.
Google needs to index the post before it’s viewable online.As you are not writing the article from the beginning, it requires minimal to no investment.

Final Take Away

Compared to guest posts, white hat niche tweaks links on already existing posts typically save time and money. Google already trusts the pages that provide these contextual connections, so you get fast, relevant results.

When compared to specialty edits, the highly relevant content and focused nature of guest posts might result in far higher referral traffic.

As part of a balanced link-building approach, you should use both guest pieces and specialized edits.

Divyesh Bhatasana

Divyesh Bhatasana is a Founder & CEO of Jeenam Infotech who has a passion for helping customers as a Link Building Consultant.