Digital Marketing ideas to consider amid Covid 19

The entire world is currently facing hard times and one of the worst Economic crises in history due to pandemic Covid 19 but on the outlook there is still hope. With almost nil human interaction the digital world is taking over this catastrophe and to help maximize the sales and response the following are some of the trends worth focusing on:

1. Network through social media

Most of the countries enforcing lockdown and taking all precautions have left people stuck indoors. We cannot step out or meet our friends anymore, so more people are now being active on social media than ever before. Brands can make use of this opportunity to promote their products and stay connected with the customers.

Use this opportunity to tell a story of how your brand can share its potential value in such times. This would help in building up the brand and entertain people while they are at home.

2. Promote your business online

Make the right use of the simple tools available with right advertising. Platforms like these can drive a lot of traffic and loyal customers for less budget:

  • Facebook Ads: This is the largest platform to drive a wide range of audiences at low costs.
  • Instagram: More populations are now getting hooked to Instagram and creating engaging content here doesn’t cost much either
  • Google Ads: When customers search online for your keyword, your content appears. You pay online when interested people click on your Ads.
  • Microsoft Advertising: being the second largest search engine – many companies are now focusing on this rather than google. 

Advertising online can sound complicated but it can be simple if you optimize and create campaigns that attract an audience.

3. Stay Ahead of the curve

It is really important to stay ahead of the competitors to be in the trend and keep things updated. SEO campaigning should be done more now in order to improve the ranking and outrank the competitors. If you don’t use this time in optimizing your website and content on daily basis, you might lose some good revenue on the business front. So don’t think of stopping that SEO campaign.

4. Prepare for the rebound

When things start getting back to normal and covid 19 outbreak starts fading in a few months from now, your business must be prepared. What campaigns and SEO strategy you use today will give you results a few months from now. So start pushing all the SEO campaigns now. Anticipate the market times and prepare to work now when others are letting up and the results will be favorable when you need it. Strategic marketing will pay well in the new post Covid 19 normalcy.

5. Special Offers

This is a good chance to show support to your clients and customers by offering special help or discounts. Identify what works best for your business to keep the revenue flowing. You can also offer customers help in answering any Covid 19 related questions. This would help in being in touch with all the clients.

6. Don’t Panic

Any panic move can cost the business huge losses now. Instead of panicking focus and analyze all the relevant information and data you have before taking any decision. People still need services that they are ready to pay for; you just need to figure out a way to deliver it to them. For example, restaurants are shutting down and people cannot go to restaurants to have food but home deliveries are still required by a lot of people. Gyms can offer online training to its customers, and online consultations or e-counseling can also be considered. But all these opportunities can only be boosted through a well planned strategically marketed business tool.

Final takeaways:

Instead of suffering from cabin fever or being anxious focus on the pending marketing tasks you had and complete them all. Do an audit on your website to make sure your business is maximizing from all the optimized strategies. Re-design and revamp your website if needed, this is the right time for improvement.

Parth Patel

Parth is a talented writer, SaaS Link Builder, and SEO Specialist at Jeenam Infotech, a prominent technology company specializing in software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. With a strong passion for crafting engaging and informative content,He plays a pivotal role in enhancing the online visibility and organic reach of Jeenam Infotech and its clients.